Window Cleaning Robots

The tedious, time-consuming, and monotonous job of cleaning the exterior windows can now be performed by the X6 robot. Its production project is open on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. A window cleaning robot will come to the rescue when cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces of high-rise buildings. It can help save the money needed to attract highly paid professionals.

The X6 robot is held securely on a vertical surface by using a high-speed vacuum motor. Movement on the surface is carried out with the help of two patented silicone caterpillar belts with a high coefficient of friction. A window cleaning rag is specially designed for the robot and will provide the best surface cleaning results, while it can be easily removed for washing and subsequent use.

A robotic window washer is used with window glass of various thicknesses. Management of the work is carried out using artificial intelligence, as well as using a standard remote control. The surface treatment speed is one square meter in two minutes. X6 is able to wash any smooth surface: mirrors, marble, wood, and tile.

Window washing in high-rise buildings using the X6 robot is carried out using a safety cable that can withstand a load of up to 150 kg. In case of a sudden loss of power, the robot will connect to an uninterruptible power supply. Three modes of automatic window cleaning will optimize the process. Two types of built-in sensors, one of which is laser, will allow to automatically determine the edges of windows and monitor the state of vacuum in real-time.

The supply of X6 robots, in case of successful financing at Indiegogo, will begin in July 2020 at the price of $292.

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