Tips for Choosing Anti-Age Cosmetics

Cosmetics cannot remove deep wrinkles and serious creases on the skin, but it can make the skin tighter and more elastic. Today we will tell you how to choose cosmetics for middle-aged skin.

How to cleanse the face

Cleansing is the first and most important point in the daily ritual of self-care. Dermatologists recommend washing your face twice a day, and this does not depend on whether you apply makeup. It is better to use creamy products (for dry and normal skin) or gels (for oily skin).

You can start with micellar water or face milk, then use foam (or gel), and at the end treat the skin with a cotton pad with tonic – it tones and refreshes.

What creams to use

The general recommendation is to choose a moisturizer in the morning and nourishing cream in the evening. What is the difference between day and night creams? Is it really impossible to use the same cream both at the beginning and at the end of the day?

The fact is that daytime beauty products are usually lighter – this allows them, for example, not to slide under makeup. In addition, SPF filters are added to many “morning” products – you will not need them before bedtime.

On the contrary, there are special active substances in night formulas, so it is better for them not to be in contact with the sun. For example, retinol is a powerful ranger in the fight against the signs of skin ageing and acne, but it causes skin pigmentation in the sun’s rays.

It is better to look for such active ingredients as glycolic acid and vitamin C in night creams. For day creams, moisturizers are more typical: hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin E and algae.

What vitamins are worth choosing

First of all, age caused the female’s body to lose a lot of iron and folic acid. In addition their lack affects the condition of the skin, accelerating the skin ageing process. However, you have to be more careful with vitamins: you do not need to buy them yourself, focusing on advertising or a friend’s recommendation.

An excess of the substance in the blood can also lead to negative consequences. Any organism is individual, and it is better to consult with a specialist before choosing the right complex for you.

Is it worth using serum?

The modern beauty industry is especially active in the production of serums. They are produced in all possible forms: in the ampoules, jars or disposable bags. Do not be afraid of technological progress. They are really effective in the fight against age. As a rule, highly concentrated serums with peptides and amino acids are recommended to be used in courses: 3-4 thirty-day courses with a pause for 2 weeks.

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