Style Tips: Hottest Headwear for Spring 2019

In spring, you rush to say goodbye to the boring winter wardrobe, take off countless layers of clothing and try on new light images. The time has come to boldly change a down jacket for a coat or trench coat, and a warm hat – for something more relevant. For the new season, has prepared a selection of the most stylish hats that will decorate your spring look.


This spring, we continue to imitate Parisian women and wear stylish berets, no matter whether they are plain or checkered. You can dwell on the classic black and white palette or run an experiment. It depends on your taste preferences and, of course, on the outerwear: choose a beret depending on your wardrobe. If your soul is open for everything new and is imperatively longing for change, it is worth looking at eco-leather models as the main hit of the season.


Looking mysterious and a little dramatic is easy if you wear a stylish hat for a walk. Hide your eyes behind the wide brim or, on the contrary, show it to the whole world, attracting even more attention to your personality due to a small and neat headwear. Hats of all colors and sizes simultaneously hit the fashion trends this spring: hats with leopard décor, cowboy hats like those of western heroes, and stylish models with a flat bottom.


Playful caps have long been on the list of topical hats. It is not the first season in a row that we wear this accessory. If you think about it, the secret of a fashionable cap is very simple: it is easy to combine it with both masculine clothes and feminine, romantic images. Options of every taste and color, ranging from bright red caps with a leather visor to classic gray caps are all available.


Stylish panamas will remind you of summer this spring, and at the same time, they will send you back to your childhood. Designers have proclaimed panama as the main trend of the past and present seasons. Wearing such a hat does not necessarily imply wearing a tracksuit: a panama will also look very organic with a classic coat. Don’t you believe it? It’s time to try!


A shawl is the most versatile of all the accessories. It can be worn on the neck, on the arm and on the head. And yet there are even more ways to wear it. For example, you can tie a shawl over unruly curls or make a turban in the oriental style. If you want to make the image more romantic, choose the first option, and if you need originality, then definitely pursue the second variant.

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