Most Valuable Tips from the Most Successful People on Earth

Despite the fact that many people think success comes to only a few, and for the rest, it is pointless to spend their effort and dream about the result that will not come, psychologists and financiers say the opposite. Absolutely everyone has the power to achieve recognition and improve their material well-being, all they need is to find a suitable motivation, to establish communication with other people, to learn to control their time and rationally use their strength and energy. decided to collect valuable tips from the most successful people of the planet and to compile a reminder, following which, you can drastically change your life (of course, if you really want to).

Do not accept hopeless failing projects

Remember that there is nothing more expensive than your time and your reputation. Therefore, do not waste your energy on really worthless projects, thinking “what if they can bring some benefit?”. If you already have doubts at the very beginning, this undertaking will not bring any good in the future. Try to just avoid these things, otherwise, you will have to recover for a long time.

Heartbreaker George Clooney, who had to participate in dubious TV shows, recalls his early career and says that he finds it terrible to think how many times he appeared on TV in such roles. He prefers not to talk about it now! The only good thing, he says, is that he managed to go through all of this when nobody paid attention to him.

Forget about all the conditions

According to the rich and famous, another key to success is the breadth of views. In other words, it’s great to be a professional in something, but you can achieve real recognition only when you start to learn something new that will contribute to your development and, consequently, to your career.

Try to keep up with the time, do not give up the benefits of civilization just because you “have never used them before and you don’t even know how to approach them.” The more you develop and improve yourself, the more you can achieve.

Learn to listen carefully to the interlocutor

Do not interrupt! This feature of yours is very annoying to those around you and can destroy even the most powerful relationships. And when once again you want to interrupt the interlocutor, just imagine how you would feel if you were in his pair of shoes? In addition, instead of trying to shout and reach other people, it is better to act wisely – give the opportunity for others to speak, carefully listen to what (and how) they say.

Psychologists say that such processes can help you learn a lot of important (and interesting) information. Learn to speak little and to the point, and you will see that people will listen to you more eagerly.

Be polite and punctual

Politeness is the principle of kings. Indeed, if you want career growth, if you want to be supported by others and achieve recognition – first learn to value time (your own time and that of other people). Do not expect that they will want to sign a lucrative contract with you if you do not arrive by the appointed time and are 15-25 minutes late. Or if you systematically cancel meetings for no apparent reason, look for constant excuses why you had no time to prepare a contract, instead of spending your work day and presenting everything in the best possible way.

The same applies to the principles of communication. Successful (and rich) people will never afford themselves disrespectful or even boorish communication (it does not matter whether they are talking about partners, employees or ordinary people).

Focus on quality rather than on quantity

The mistake of many is that they strive for quantity, forgetting about quality and, accordingly, their reputation. Remember that it is better to have 5 instead of 10 or spend a little more time than your competitors and provide a truly worthy product. Otherwise, you risk getting the consumer goods which have already filled the world. You will be able to stand out favorably against the rest – you will share good quality and preserve the consumers’ trust and confidence. In all spheres of activity.

Do not think that people are so stupid that they can regularly be sold fast food pretending that it is really exclusive stuff. Time will put everything in its place.

Don’t be content with minimal results

You should not stop at what has been accomplished, it is better to set new goals for yourself and to do everything in order to carry out your plans. Do not cut your wings with the phrase: “It is impossible,” “I can never do this,” “I am not worthy of this,” and so on. By convincing yourself that it is impossible to accomplish certain tasks, you simply deprive yourself of certain opportunities and chances to change life for the better.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his experience with journalists, saying that although he was born in the family of an Austrian peasant, he always dreamed of escaping from the countryside and achieving success. At first, he began to build muscles, then he decided to star in movies, and after that, he tried himself in politics. And where did his goals lead him? He became the governor of California. “Who would I be, had I been content with what I had at that time?”, Arnold asks. – A farmer!

Be able to admit your mistakes

Cool is not the one who never makes mistakes, but the one who knows how to admit that he is wrong and never make such mistakes in the future. After all, you can punch yourself in the chest as much as you like and insist on your point of view (which will eventually prove wrong) or listen to smart people and correct the situation in time. The rich and successful are doing just that – they know how to listen (and hear) the interlocutor, they are not afraid to admit that they understand some issues not well enough, and ultimately benefit from even the most hopeless situation.

Stay true to yourself and your principles

Never give up your own talents and ambitions, even if someone from your environment considers it a fool’s errand. For example, a great many of businessmen occupying the top lines in the list of the “richest people on the planet” admit that their parents perceived them differently in their childhood and never expected they would eventually become who they are today.

Their ideas were considered to be failing ones. They were recommended to enter a higher educational institution rather than waste time starting their own business (which, by the way, not everyone managed to do from the first attempt). However, these individuals did not pay attention to ridicule and continued to pursue their cherished goals. Of course, their friends and relatives think differently now.

Do not haste to see the result

Let events follow their course – do not accelerate and do not delay the onset of something important in your life. Of course, this does not mean that you should sit and wait for something to happen; you only need to use the opportunities that fate gives you. Actor Ewan McGregor shares his secret of success and says he has never planned anything on purpose in his career, thus providing an opportunity for life to take its course. McGregor argues that in such a way all the episodes have taken their proper place. It resembled a mosaic and suited him perfectly.

Give up bad habits

Life is too short to waste it on bad habits and cause irreparable harm to your health (and your reputation). The trend of naturalness and healthy lifestyle is gaining popularity in the world these days. So why not keep pace with the time and get rid of addictions?

Successful people recommend abandoning regular parties, after which you can barely get out of bed and will surely fail important negotiations. Instead, you can focus on those points that will help you make a brilliant career.

For example, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, who is not distinguished by his exemplary behavior in his youth, argues that a healthy lifestyle is a recipe for real success. There was a time when he did not sleep for several nights in a row. After noisy parties, he hardly looked like a human being. But then he realized that if he wanted to remain a respected actor, he had to quit his unhealthy entertainment urgently.