How to Achieve the Trendy ‘Natural’ Look on a Budget

Everyone knows that the ‘natural’ or ‘no-makeup’ look is very much in trend today. However, when you look at it closer, you will understand that this look isn’t as natural and without makeup as the name implies. In fact, some say it’s a trend for the privileged, which might be true because the cost of all products involved in creating this look adds up to a large total. You also shouldn’t forget that it’s not only your face that needs to be taken into account when creating this image as ‘natural-looking’ hair is also a part of it.

Considering all this, one might think that creating the trendy look is impossible without spending a small fortune. However, there are some tricks you can use to cut down the total costs. Note that the individual products you’ll need to buy are going to be expensive anyway because this look requires professional-grade everything. Therefore, creating it on a restricted budget is more about managing that budget most efficiently.

So, below you’ll find top 5 money-saving tricks for creating a ‘naturally beautiful’ look.

1. Buy the best oil or wax-based foundation

The biggest challenge of creating a no-makeup look if you don’t actually have perfect skin is creating the illusion of it. It’s essential to use a foundation that will look like second skin instead of a top-quality foundation. Products capable of creating this kind of effect are wax and oil-based and have a higher than average pigment concentration.

Investing in the best of the best in this particular line of products will help you save money on half a dozen concealers and other products that you’ll have to otherwise use for creating a perfect and smooth-looking skin.

You should also apply blush under the foundation to create a naturally flushed look. As this will change the colour of the product, be sure to experiment until you find the perfect shade of blush for this purpose.

2. Invest in salon-grade hair care instead of a salon

As mentioned before, your hair is no less important than your makeup for creating the perfect ‘natural’ look. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to book a salon treatment every time you want your locks to look stunning, soft, and shining with natural beauty.

Instead, you only need to provide them with salon-grade hair care at home. Today you can easily learn how to wash your locks right and how to make your hair silky and soft. Buy the same professional-grade products used in a salon for a smaller price directly from the manufacturer and use them regularly. Combine it with applying homemade hair masks every week in order to replace costly deep-conditioning products. Care for your hair well and it’ll look naturally beautiful without any expensive salon treatments.

3. Make your own hydrating mist

Fixing your no-makeup makeup with a hydrating mist is an essential step for achieving that beautiful natural look you want to get. However, these mists are quite expensive if you choose to buy them from a professional beauty products store.

The good news is that homemade facial mists are just as good (if not better) and cost you almost nothing to make. As long as you have a spray bottle and a bit of essential oils, you’ll do just fine. Reapply this mist on your face several times through the day to freshen up and revitalize your looks. This method of hydration will be a great relief on hot days.

4. Brush your lashes

You can use the simplest of mascaras (so long as it actually stays on your lashes) and nothing else to create fabulous lashes for the no-makeup look. All you need to do is to run a brush through them several times after actually applying the mascara and letting it dry for a bit. You can use a washed old mascara brush for this purpose.

This simple step will remove the clumps and excess of the product making your lashes look natural and saving you money on some fancy mascara and specialized lash styling gels.

5. Learn how to groom your eyebrows

Perfectly-groomed eyebrows are vitally important for creating an attractive ‘natural’ look. Therefore, you can’t rely on an eyebrow pencil or other cosmetic product to touch them up.

What you need is to make sure your eyebrows truly look stunning naturally. This might include colouring them with the use of henna for the most natural look. Learn how to do this yourself to avoid costly visits to a brow artist.