Function of Beauty Review: Here’s Why You Should Try It

Function of Beauty was founded by chemists and engineers from MIT. The company started with hair care options that were completely customizable and offered endless ways to create formulas for shampoos and conditioners. That shook up the beauty world, since nothing like it had ever been done before.

A company quiz made it easy to decide which hair care needs you had and what changes you might want to make to your current hair care routine. Function of Beauty has since moved from its original offerings to serums, masks, and leave-in conditioners as well. Now, with a change in its product line, the company is also starting to offer body care. Function of Beauty body wash and lotion have launched, and they’re even better than most fans of the company expected.

Zahir Dossa, Function of Beauty CEO and co-founder, feels that the company has been successful in the hair care market long enough to feel confident about moving into new areas. Because of that, the company decided its next foray would be into body care. There’s a large market for body washes and lotions, but even with plenty of competition, Function of Beauty products have many loyal fans. This gives them a nearly instant customer base for new offerings.

Along with Dossa, Sam Mang, Function of Beauty’s senior vice president of brand & innovation, says that the body care project has been in the works for some time already. Customers kept requesting it, so it was something that the company wanted to provide. First, however, it wanted to make sure that it perfected its hair care products so that it wouldn’t be trying to handle too much at once. That’s a smart move from a company that’s already well-positioned in the beauty industry.

Now that it has reached levels of near perfection with its hair care products, the company is ready to give its customers the body care products that they’ve been asking for. To make sure that it was headed in the right direction with products that its customers would really want and need, Function of Beauty began with the basics. The company knew, for example, that moisturization was the number one need for body washes and lotions. So it made that its main focus and worked on developing products from there.

One big difference between the hair care and body care products from Function of Beauty is that the body care products don’t have as much customization available. In a product category that is already pretty straightforward, the company didn’t want to overcomplicate things or offer too many confusing choices. There are still customizable options, but not nearly as many as with the company’s hair care products.

Skin type and desired moisturizing level are both parts of the quiz, as are color and fragrance. But that’s far different from the nearly endless options provided by the company’s hair care line. The body wash and lotion offered by Function of Beauty include the same fragrances as its hair care products, keeping them consistent with customer preferences. The color options available also allow customers to choose a color that they want to see in their showers so that they can have relaxing and enjoyable moments of self-care.

In the future, Function of Beauty is also open to implementing such body product goals as toning and anti-aging. While the company isn’t working on these yet, it is listening to customer feedback to decide whether it’s a direction that it will take with future product lines. Testing is required on these kinds of products, though, as Dossa and Mang want to ensure that they provide honest and reliable information to customers.

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Science-backed results have been one of the most important aspects of the company since its launch, and Function of Beauty can back up any claims that it makes with information from its labs. Providing a spa-like feel has been important to Function of Beauty, and the company continues to make this one of its biggest focal points. Function of Beauty body care products contain no sulfates, use many natural ingredients, and are designed to provide high levels of hydration and nourishment for the skin.

Vegan squalane, a frequent ingredient in luxury beauty products, is in all of the company’s body lotion formulations. Other ingredients depend on the formulations requested and the customer’s skin type. Trying out the products provides a truly luxurious experience and helps customers improve the look and feel of their skin quickly and easily. No matter which skin type a person has, they can feel good about their choices from Function of Beauty.

About Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty creates personalized hair care and body care products, tailored to customers’ specific profiles. The company is headquartered in the New York area and was founded in January 2015. It was created by MIT grads Zahir Dossa and Joshua Maciejewski, along with cosmetic chemist Hien Nguyen. The founders of the company largely funded it on their own, with an additional $100,000 in funding from friends and family. The company’s prices remain relatively low due to its ability to sell directly to customers online. This allows Function of Beauty to offer products easily to more potential customers.