Nude Cycle Pants Are the Latest Fashion Trend

The trend has flooded social networks. Stylists and fashion critics have been burying the nude cycle pants trend for a couple of seasons. Most fashionistas were sure that this was just an instant trend that everyone would laugh at and forget. But it turned out quite the opposite: nude cycle pants are back in fashion (they have hardly been out of fashion, after all).

However, this time they are nude cycle pants rather than simple ones. Fashion influencers and some celebrities are crazy about cycle pants in nude colors, which are difficult to distinguish from the skin color.

The Australian brand Echt is especially popular: their Force Scrunch model visually enlarges and lifts the hips, and the social media stars and their subscribers have praised the effect.

The model exists not only in a cropped version and in a variety of colors. Cropped, tight-fitting shorts in nude shades have gained popularity. Unlike leggings, which stylists predicted to be popular this fall (they were supposed to replace the skinny).

But to get into the trend, you don’t have to buy this particular model: nude cycle pants appeared in the collections of most brands. In addition to fitness clubs, fashionistas wear such cycle pants on the street (as long as the weather permits), complementing them with hoodies, oversized jackets, and white shirts.

It is needless to say that Kim Kardashian fell in love with nude cycle pants. However, what appeared first – the trend or its frank nude images – can only be argued about.

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