3 Trendy Pullovers for Fall-Winter 2020

The new season always means new rules. This year we will focus on interesting warm clothes. Even though not all trendy sweaters are comfortable in the cold season, they look very stylish.

Sweaters with a turnback collar

Schoolgirl collars returned to fashion in the spring. But we have hardly noticed it: firstly, only the most fashionable influencers appreciated the trend. Secondly, the pandemic practically did not allow to wear them. Expect big collars this fall. Including sweaters: choose lightweight models made from natural materials that almost fit the body.

On one shoulder

Another trend has returned (though it is much younger – similar models were worn in the 2000s). Of course, you don’t need to constantly expose your shoulders: ideally, the sweater should “transform” and turn into a model with a wide neck. Volume is also important: it is better if the sweater is baggy.

Lifehack from stylists: if you can’t find such a sweater in the women’s department, look for it in the men’s department: you need a large size and a wide neckline.

Such a sweater definitely cannot be called universal: it will not suit any weather, and you should think about the dress code.

Fancy sleeves

One of the brightest trends of the year – puff sleeves – has moved to sweaters. Moreover, it is presented in a wide variety of options: the sleeves can be very wide and end below the hands, the volume can be emphasized by narrow cuffs, or the flare can start from the elbow. It’s up to you (as always) to decide.

Don’t forget about convenience. It is not very easy to combine such a sweater with outerwear: the sleeves will wrinkle.

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