New Weird Fashion Trend: Arm Warmer Sweater

Yes, we are a little tired of winter trends, which do not warm at all, but what’s to be done.

Jeans with holes instead of pockets, holey tights, shirts instead of dresses – the trends of this winter are clearly not warm. And here’s another one: fashionistas are crazy about arm warmer sweaters.

The ultra-fashionable model resembles the most ordinary sweater, but it is mercilessly cut – only the sleeves and the high collar remain of it. It is understood that it gives an additional portion of warmth to the hands and throat, but you only need to wear it on T-shirts or tops, so there is no need to talk about real insulation.

This trend is already popular. Leopard sweaters have already appeared in various brands, for example, in Zara.

Despite the clear saving in material, arm warmer sweaters are not cheaper than conventional sweaters.

Fashion influencers suggest wearing such a sweater with revealing tops, bustiers, corsets, and T-shirts. Most complement their image with a coarse chain.

This trend reminded us very much of summer hammocks for the breasts. Fortunately, no one has yet guessed to combine one with the other.

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