Why Do You Wake Up at Night Multiple Times?

Let’s talk about the causes of poor sleep. If you wake up several times at night and manage to solve a bunch of tasks in your head, you should know that this is not a very healthy habit. A good eight-hour sleep is essential to feel refreshed all day long. Otherwise, headaches and the presence of constant fatigue will interfere with your life.

Wrong drinks

Caffeine can make you sleepy. After 2 p.m., it is better to refuse drinking coffee, and after 6 p.m. it is better to avoid drinking tea as well. Remember that caffeine is found in many drinks, so keep a close eye on what you drink throughout the day. You definitely shouldn’t lean on green tea, cola, energy drinks, or cocoa unless you have to stay awake all night.

By the way, don’t think that caffeine is only for drinks. It is also found in chocolate and in all products that contain it, such as chocolate buns or cakes. Therefore, everyone who considers themselves a sweet tooth should remember that tea with a slice of chocolate cake must be left for breakfast.

Those who want to have a sound sleep should stick to another rule – do not drink alcohol at night. Undoubtedly, a glass of red wine at the end of the day will relax you. But the effect of relaxation will be short-lived: remember that alcohol also tones, so at first you will feel sleepy, but then insomnia will prevail. Besides, in the morning you will feel tired.

A mattress, a pillow, an open window

A very common cause of frequent waking up at night is the wrong mattress and pillow. They result not only in intermittent sleep, but also in neck and shoulder pain.

You shouldn’t save money at the expense of your health. Especially when it comes to buying an orthopedic mattress and pillow. It is important that your cervical spine rests while you sleep. A healthy neck also means the absence of headaches in the morning. When choosing a pillow, remember that it should suit you in shape, height, softness and other characteristics.

The same concerns your mattress. By the way, experts believe that the older a person is, the harder sleeping surface he needs.

There is one more rule for a perfect sleep – sleep with a slightly open window. A couple of years ago, scientists conducted an experiment, in which healthy students were involved. All of them slept with an open window for five days, and then with a closed one. As a result, it turned out that after spending nights with the window open, the students felt much better. The key to well-being is a reduced concentration of carbon dioxide. Sleep is better when its level is lower.

Sleep disorder

There is a more global reason than an uncomfortable pillow or a cup of tea drunk at night. Sleep disturbances can be caused by nervous tension, fear, anxiety, and even depression. It is important to find out the reason and consult a specialist in time.

If the problem has not yet reached the point of no return, and you understand that there is no need to rush to a somnologist or psychotherapist, try performing actions that will help you relax a few hours before bedtime. For example, yoga, reading your favorite book, a warm bubble bath, or meditation.

It is worth limiting interaction with a mobile phone before bed as well as communication on social networks.

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