Getting the Best Yoga Blocks, Pads & Bricks for Support in Asanas

Yoga is a safe and effective way to attain physical and mental health. However, this asana practice will not be beneficial without the right props and knowledge of how to use them.

Speaking of knowing how to use them, yogis are expected to understand the differences between similar looking items and how they differ and complement each other. Items such as the pad and mat, as well as the brick and block, fall into this category.

They must also understand that this exercise requires props particularly designed to enhance the practice. This is why you are to avoid using general sporting products that will not help the practice. For instance, you should use a yoga mat rather than a conventional exercise mat.

In this article, we will aptly address how you can get some of the best props that you may need. Our discussions will revolve around the fact that we all have peculiar needs and this makes choosing the best product a question of our peculiarities.

So, without further ado, let us get right to it.

What Is a Yoga Block?

Yoga blocks are items that can be made of cock bricks, foams, soft, or hardwood… used to help new and experienced yogis when performing the asana routine. Especially for amateurs, it guarantees the needed support and helps them achieve the flexibility required for certain poses.

This is achieved by placing them under certain parts of the body such as the knees, bum, hands… to give the needed support.

On the other hand, these blocks can also be helpful for experienced yogis. This is because it can be an aid for adding more contraction as you hold the asana postures. Generally, this prop is one needed by yogis regardless of their experience.

Understanding what they do is important in knowing how you can get the right product. Now that you are aware of what they do, let us discuss tips on getting the right product.

How to Get the Best Yoga Block

Here are some tips to help you get the best yoga blocks for you:

Go for a Size Appropriate for You

Remember that point where we stressed your peculiarities determining the ideal product or not, here is where it plays out.

These products come in various thicknesses and sizes. The ideal product for you is dependent on your peculiarities. For instance, you will need a block with a smaller size if your flexibility is not top-notch and you have small hands.

Consider Budget, Durability, and Convenience

Other than sizes, these items can be made of hardwood, softwood, form, and cork. The choice of any one of these should be based on factors such as your budget, convenience, maintenance, and durability. This is because they all have advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, hardwood products are heavier, can be slippery, hard to stack, terrible on slippery floors even though they are more durable and easy to maintain.

On the other hand, cork products may pose problems with hygiene because of how they absorb body perspiration. This is even though they are lighter, easy to stack and use.

So, the bottom line is the need to understand what works best for you in light of your budget, convenience, maintenance, and durability.

What Is a Yoga Pad?

It is a prop that is used as an alternative to the yoga mat, as well as to compliment the mat when used together. This is due to the impressive features that it possesses. Such features include portability, ease in maintenance, a guide when performing certain poses, among others.

This item shares similarities with the yoga mat but has slight differences in terms of structure and functions.

How to Get the Right Yoga Pad

Listed and briefly explained below are some tips to help you get the right product:


In the context of using pads as an alternative to mats, this is very important. The ideal pad should be easy to move around. This is because yogis may frequently be on the move and unable to take their mat along with them.

Easy to Maintain

Many yogis have the option of using mats available in various places. However, they insist on taking their pad for hygienic reasons. On that note, the right product should not only be easy to move around but easy to clean and maintain. This is because they can be exposed to dirt and toxic items around.

The Right Amount of Stickiness

Yoga is a physical and mental exercise. As with any other type of physical exercise, there is an increased chance of sweating. When this happens, the hands and several parts of the body becomes slippery.

You need a product with the right amount of traction to maintain the right pose, to avoid slipping off and injuring yourself. Also, it is important that the traction of the product does not adversely affect the asana practice. So, this can be a bit tricky and the product must be able to figure this out.

Generally, the yardsticks for choosing a good yoga mat is relevant when choosing a yoga pad. So, if you are interested in more tips, you can check out this article.


You will notice that we did not address how to choose the best brick and mat in this article. This is deliberate as the yardstick for choosing a pad is relevant when getting a mat. In the same vein, the factors that determine a good block and brick are also similar. So, it is recommended that you take note of this when getting your yoga props.

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