How to Make a Man Really Value You?

Lots of women want to be the number one priority for their man. But how to reach that without being annoying? There are some secret tricks to keep in mind. Following them will make you a valued woman for your man.

I can’t promise any overnight changes, but if you’re consistent, you’ll get what you want. Also, don’t become a nasty manipulator and don’t change your overall behavior at once to get the power over him – you won’t enjoy it!

Value yourself more

The most important tip to make a man value you more is to understand your own value by raising your self-esteem. If you know you’re worthy, it’s easier to demonstrate this to others. Love yourself, be proud of yourself, then others will much more likely love you too.

Be a woman

I don’t mean you should cook and clean all day long. But being feminine is a turn-on for almost every man. Be strong, but at the same time don’t hide your weaknesses. Let your self be a typical woman from time to time: tender, vulnerable, caring.

Live your own life

Don’t drop all your plans for him. Don’t stop seeing friends and family or give up your interests just to be with him. If there is a small chance you could leave him, he’ll be interested in you much more. Show your independence from him. The message is as follows: to be happy, a man is not enough. Have your own passions.

Be self-sufficient

There is nothing worse than being financially dependent on another person. Such a situation automatically makes you less valuable and weaker. It also makes you unhappy. So get a job and earn your money. Achieve something great.

Look good

If you both work from home, it doesn’t mean you should wash your hair once a week and wear the same old shabby clothes every day. No need to wear high heels, heavy makeup and dresses at home, but make sure you look good and neat. It’s especially necessary if your boyfriend/husband takes good care of himself. You shouldn’t look worse than him.

Cut your availability

If he asks you out but you have plans, don’t cancel them for him. Let him know you have your own life and interests too. Suggest an alternative time for a date, but don’t be there each time he’s suddenly available. Don’t let him think he’s the number 1 priority to you. Otherwise, you won’t be a high-value woman to him.

Don’t be a b*tch

While letting your partner know what you (don’t) want, do it with respect, don’t be a b… Search for compromise, because a relationship is a two-way street. Find a happy mean in arguments.

Give him space

Expecting him to be with you all the time and cancel his plans is the worst tactics. It’s like a spring. If you squeeze it too much, one day you could lose it – it will jump out. Avoid becoming codependent.

Rule your relationships

Analyze how your relationship is developing. Are you happy with it? If not, let him know it and finally change something! Being a victim won’t make you happy. Own your own happiness and make sure you’re going to the direction you want to. Don’t become an egoistic person changing everything and everybody for herself, at the same time, don’t tolerate anything you don’t enjoy. Life is short.

Be simple

If you want something, let the guy know directly. Don’t hint. If he made you sad or offended you, tell him immediately. Don’t wait till he understands it himself. This time might never come. Most men don’t understand subtle hints. There’s no place for unnecessary stress and drama in a relationship, and hinting could cause them.

Don’t complain

Complaining is not sexy at all. We all have some issues due to the coronavirus outbreak, some have lost their jobs, others earn less, there are fewer projects. You’re not appreciated at work or your mother drives you crazy? Don’t talk about it all the time!

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your problems with your man but dose it. The negative things shouldn’t be more than positive. Otherwise, he might search for another place, where there’s no complaint fountain. Try to stay positive. It will help you cope with the issues better, too.

If you’re suffering from depression, search for professional help, but let your partner know that it’s not who you normally are, so he can support you and help you cope with it.

Be polite and classy

There are tips for men over there on how to know if a woman is good for them. Such as looking at how she treats animals, waiters, children and anybody who’s weaker than her, also emotionally.

By the way, this tip could work for women too.

Be kind to others, don’t get aggressive if a waiter brought you the wrong dish. Kind and polite people are more attractive. And if the guy likes bitches, he’s most likely not the right partner for you, since such people are often neurotics or suffer from some childhood trauma.

Don’t forget sex

Pay enough attention to him during sex. Don’t always focus on your own pleasure. Make sure he’s happy with your sex life. Experiment.

Make him a bit jealous

Only a bit. It’s actually a mean way to become a high-value woman, but making a man jealous from time to time won’t do a lot of harm. Let him know in some way how great one of your exes was or that there is another man interested in you.

Demonstrating that another guy appreciates and values you could also make you move valuable in your partner’s eyes. It makes him understand it’s YOU who chose him, not vice versa. But don’t use it too often.

Cut your expectations

Expectations are the worst things we have. Expectations make us unhappy because quite often other people don’t meet them. Don’t expect a lot, and you’ll appreciate what will happen in reality much more.

People don’t always behave how we want them to. Moreover, they often do the opposite or follow their own plan. This is life. There are no

Having fewer expectations will make your relationship less stressful and you both happier.

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