Save Your Money: Avoid These Useless Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetologists honestly talk about the procedures that obviously do not bring any benefit or are advertised in such a way that we expect a completely different effect from them.

Carbon peeling

In the process of peeling, the client is applied a black mixture (carbon) to the skin. It produces an effect on the face area with short laser flashes. According to experts, the skin is deeply cleansed under the influence of light energy.

This is an absolutely pointless and ineffective procedure, which is based on a show. The neodymium laser reacts to black carbon with cotton. It is logical that the black area of the face turns white after cotton. But nothing interesting happens to your skin after that.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

It is believed to be a procedure that can quickly correct minor imperfections in the shape of the nose. Cosmetologists assure: the crook of the nose can be “masked” for a while so that it is not noticeable.

The advantages of the procedure are the absence of rehabilitation and a lower price than in case of a full-fledged plastic surgery. In fact, patients run the risk of looking like victims of syphilis – unscrupulous cosmetologists add a hormonal drug to fillers that can dissolve the cartilage over time. Such consequences are irreversible.


This is an injection technique for skin rejuvenation based on the use of the patient’s own plasma. It is important to follow the specialist’s hands just as his promises. Plasmolifting proper, when our pure blood is injected without additives, heals the tissues.

It is suitable for the extraction and implantation of the teeth, after plastic surgery and after the work of the fractional laser for quick healing. Those who promise that plasma (without additional drugs) has a rejuvenating effect are blatantly lying.

Non-injection mesotherapy and biorevitalization

Today it is popular to advertise different devices as an alternative to injections. Many salons claim that hardware procedures work no worse than the injections with hyaluronic acid. Alas, the harsh truth is hidden behind beautiful words – the hyaluronic acid molecule is too large, the pores in the skin are very small, and it is impossible to push any drug into them by pressing or rubbing.

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