Most Ridiculous Fashion Trends of the Past

Oh, this fashion! Sometimes even the most serious and educated people follow it blindly. In this review, we have decided to recall the most ridiculous fashion trends of different years, which aroused enthusiasm at one time, and seem terribly absurd today.

1. Whale tail

Bikini-Jeans1In the early 2000s, there appeared a few interesting fashion trends. Perhaps the most controversial of these is the “whale tail” trend, in which thong panties stick out of jeans on the back.

2. Very narrow waist

corset-waist-It seems that corsets and narrow waists remained in the distant past. However, thanks to celebrities, such as the Kardashian sisters, the fashion of the 1500s returns.

ridiculous-fashion-corcette-corsetteHowever, today, instead of whalebone, they mostly use tight lacing.

3. Bullet bra

bullet-bra-retroBullet bras that made woman’s breasts look pointed were popular in the 1950s. Madonna forced us to recall this fashion in 1990, thanks to her famous bra shaped as gold cones.

4. Shoulder pads for ladies

ridiculous-fashion-old-shoulder-padsThe 1980s were a decade of shoulder pads for ladies. This trend made even weightlifters envy the span of fragile female shoulders.

5. Wearing a cap backwards

ridiculous-fashion-cara-capNow it is impossible to remember who first came up with the idea of wearing a cap backwards. And, most importantly, why? After all, with all functions of the visor are simply lost.

6. High hairline

ridiculous-fashion-mona-lisaThe Renaissance brought a trend for a high hairline and the absence of eyebrows in women. The goal was to make the forehead as high as possible, so women plucked their eyebrows and the hair above the forehead. The most famous example of this is the Mona Lisa.

7. Armband tattoo

tattoo-muscleEven before boys bands the late 90’s – early 2000s, armband tattoos were considered the sexiest. Although there are many variants of such a tattoo, there are two main varieties of it: barbed wire and “tribal”. The women’s version of the tattoo is a word in Chinese or Japanese.

8. Leggings

legginsLeggings are not pants, and they never were, at least, if you are not going to yoga classes. However, many women wear them every day. But while they look good on a slender young lady, they make an older woman look ridiculous.

9. Tan

kiniki-tan-through-bikiniTan came into fashion thanks to Coco Chanel, who returned from her vacation in 1920 with a beautiful golden-brown skin color. Until then, women tried to keep their skin as light as possible. However, some people took it too literally and began to abuse tanning.

10. Powdered wigs

ridiculous-fashionBizarre heavy (some weighed up to 23 kg) powdered wigs were in trend in the 1700s among European men and women, and were considered very fashionable during the French Revolution. This style was common until the 1800s, and even longer among men of certain areas.

11. Camouflage

ridiculous-fashion-camouflage-dressCamouflage is not only used in hunting and in the army. This is an ongoing trend for everything from trucks to wedding dresses. In the early 21st century, it was very popular among pop stars who paraded in dresses with camouflage prints, or in military uniforms.

12. Sagging trousers

low-underwear-jeansSagging trousers are just awful. Who would like to look at someone else’s underwear? We should thank Justin Bieber and the rappers of the 90s for introducing this trend.

13. Crinolines

ridiculous-fashion-14Crinolines or hoops were all the rage during the American Civil War. They were a steel structure, as a rule, covered with cloth, worn under a skirt. Thanks to crinoline, a female skirt was ridiculously huge and bell-shaped. Fortunately, this wildly impractical clothes item was worn only on special occasions.

14. Pleated jeans

ridiculous-fashion-plissee-jeansPleated jeans were popular in the 80s and 90s, although several designers have for some reason tried to bring them back into fashion in 2015. Fortunately, they failed.

15. Сodpiece

Back in the 1400s, before trousers came into everyday wear, men wore tight-fitting stockings, and tissue sacs called codpieces, in which they placed their genitals. In the end, codpieces became more utilitarian and decorative, but they were also used to exaggerate a man’s “manliness”. Fortunately, they completely disappeared in the times of Elizabeth I.

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