7 Mistakes You Make When Buying Shoes

Any woman will tell you – there can never be too many shoes. Even when the shelves are full of shoes and you have ten pairs of sneakers looking alike, there is always a good reason to replenish their ranks. Yes, some men do not yield to young ladies in their love for shopping. But you should always preserve common sense: the main thing is not quantity but quality. After all, what good is it to have a pile of shoes , if you are constantly making the same 7 mistakes that spoil gait and harm your health day after day?


All of us make mistakes of different scale and importance from time to time – this is normal. However, some of them can have very unpleasant consequences, which can be deferred in time. Your everyday shoes are in the risk group. When selecting the next pair, use not only your emotions but also common sense. And do not make mistakes from the list below.

1. You do not get rid of the shoes with worn-out heels or sole

Have you noticed that one side of your shoe soles erases much faster than the other? Or that the new stable heel of your shoes erodes after a couple of months? This is normal. We all have different gait. But that is not quite normal to keep worn-out shoes. After all, this pair does not allow your body to distribute weight evenly on the foot without deforming it – there is no support. So, instead of wearing out your favorite pair of sneakers to the holes, change them more often. And do not forget about maintenance and changing heels.

2. You change your running shoes not often enough

runner-running-jogging-woman-sports-fitnessAnd the reason is not even bad smell or untidy look. As in the previous case, during the run, you wear out the soles of your sneakers and damage their amortization across the whole surface. It can affect the condition of the joints in a very short time. Podiatrists advise joggers to change sports shoes after every 160 km. We agree that this can bring significant expenditure. But health is much more important, right?

3. You often wear very narrow shoes

Yes, court shoes or narrow men’s boots look damn stylish. However, a constantly clenched thumb and little finger is not the best thing that can happen to your feet. The consequences will not make you wait long – protruding bones and a deformed foot shape has never been attractive. Not to mention numerous blisters. Way out: at least, do not make this type of shoes part of your everyday wardrobe. Even if it suits you oh so much.

4. You buy shoes online

700-job-work-boring-sleepy-tired-motivation-feeling-bad-woman-office-computer-pcOh, those tempting discounts and private online sales. But even with a very attractive shopping option there is a great risk that you can miss with the size, width, etc. And you will get a beautiful but useless pair, which will bring more calluses than joy. Way out: if possible, always try on shoes in the store and then look for a similar model of the same size online. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky to find something cheaper.

5. You try on shoes in the morning

Trying on shoes before buying is always the right decision. But you also need to do it correctly. For example, do not go to the store in the morning – do it in the evening, after your working day or at least a few hours’ walk. The reason is that during the day, our limbs tend to swell a little. And even this minimal difference in size can significantly affect how you will wear the shoes in the future.

6. You are not trying them on long enough

tanya-heath-shoes-heelsYes, trying on is a tricky process. But you do not want to spend money for nothing, right? That is why podiatrists advise not to take hasty decisions and try shoes on for at least 10 minutes in the store. Do not be shy – it is your legitimate right as a buyer.

7. Arch support

It is one of the most important properties of the shoe, responsible for your gait, foot shape and the condition of the joints. Podiatrists advise girls not to abuse wearing ballet shoes and sneakers. Besides, the representatives of both sexes should pay attention to a special soft insole with seals. They will provide the necessary support to the arch, and you get many hours of walking without pain or excessive fatigue.

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