Office Benefits Everybody Secretly Hates

Almost every company includes employee office benefits in their position description. Even though these bonuses appear attractive on paper, they are not always such in real life. That’s what you’re really telling your employees about yourself when you offer the following advantages.


1. Beer in the office

We do not expect that our employees have a life outside the office. We prefer that they work and relax together.

If you want your staff to spend all the time together, you do not respect their need to have a balance between work and personal life. But what about their families, hobbies and other activities?

BeerIf your employees want to sit down with a beer after work, it’s great. But do not turn this into a rule or obligation. Not everyone will want to linger in office after the working day. They may have other business to do. This does not mean, however, that they hate their colleagues and work.

The right decision

Do not encourage employees to spend all the time at work. All-rounded personalities make more creative and effective workers.

2. You can bring your dogs to office

dogWe do not care that you are allergic. We do not care that someone’s dog does not obey. We do not care that some dogs do not get along with each other or with humans. What do we care about? How great our office looks in Instagram! So come on and bring your pets!

While some dog owners closely watch their four-legged pets, others leave them unattended, relying on colleagues. In any case, it will be difficult to focus on work: you are either constantly thinking about your dog or trying to calm down your colleague’s dog.

Why is bringing a dog to your office a bad idea?

Not all dogs are suitable for office environment. Think carefully before transforming your workplace into a dog nursery.

3. A closet full of tasty snacks

cake-sweets-pastry-diet-nutrition-fat-foodTrying to eat healthy foods? Good luck!

Even if you are trying to stick to a healthy diet, it is difficult to refrain from another bar of chocolate or a pack of chips when they are always at hand.

Besides, the possibility of constant snacking makes many of us skip lunch. Some people live only on dry food for weeks. It is not surprising that many develop stomach diseases.

Why is snacking in the office a bad idea?

Snacks often interfere with proper eating, and this affects your employees’ mood and productivity.

4. Open layout

700-work-job-boring-tired-motivation-officeNot everyone likes an open office layout. Those who communicate with customers need to make a lot of calls. Those who are engaged in the analysis and planning require silence. Introverts and extroverts require different working conditions for the best productivity.

The best option for an open office

The best option is an improved open space with special rooms for calls, places for individual work and a separate quiet area.

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