Latest Nail Trend: Black French Manicure

French manicure, which involves painting the nail tip, can be called an all-time manicure. Though, even the classics can be rethought. For example, instead of painting the tips white, use black. You can do nail art by gently painting a nail with a thin brush, or using special stickers. See examples in the gallery.

Black French manicure has dozens of variants: black tips on white or colored background, experiments with the nail shape (for example, sharp stilettos or a trapezoidal “ballerina”), highlighting the corners of the nail, wide or narrow stripes, adding rhinestones and sparkles. Most often, a “black French” hashtag on Instagram leads to pink or beige nails with black tips. They suit the nails of any length and different skin colors.

The only thing is that such nails may seem either too short or dirty from a distance, but fashionmongers are not afraid of this!

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