6 Colors That Make You Look Older

You must have heard that black clothes make people look older. But this is not the only color that should be avoided. There’s no need to abandon such shades at all, but be careful and move them away from the face (for example, down) or dilute the look with accessories.


Black color is universal, hides excess volumes and makes all the shades around itself more vivid. So, a scarf or sweater of this color will emphasize uneven skin or wrinkles and make you older.

Avoiding black is not necessary (total black is now in fashion), but it is still worthwhile to especially closely monitor the face and hair when you are in a black suit: everything should be as neat as possible.


Every year, dark red shades become the colors of the year: remember burgundy, marsala, or biking red, which is fashionable this fall. But they are very insidious and can visually add a couple of extra years to you. Though you shouldn’t be afraid of them before 25, after this age you should rather follow the stylists’ advice and choose a shade or dilute it with other colors. It can be equally noble – for example, mustard, emerald or light coffee.

Dark brown

This is yet another trendy color that may not look as good as we would like. Fashionable trousers of a dark chocolate shade will not visually add years, but a jacket or dress can do it easily. If you are afraid to age yourself, but still want to create a trendy look, choose pastel shades.


Bright color does not match everyone, and being near the face, it can disadvantageously “yellow” the skin and emphasize all redness. So if there is any doubt, and you don’t want to arm yourself with concealer and foundation for the whole day, replace the orange dress with a skirt or choose less bright colors – for example, honey or tangerine.


Purple works in much the same way as burgundy. It looks impressive, but it definitely won’t add youth. However, if you choose pastel shades instead – lavender, lilac and gray-violet tones, the risk of seeming older will disappear, and the look will become much more interesting and relevant.

Bright pink

This color also makes shades around brighter and highlights the face. Besides, it is also associated with the 2000s, when it was at the peak of popularity. It is worth to be careful with the color of fuchsia, and it is better to add it to accessories or makeup.

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