Ways to Cope with Negative Emotions

Emotions are an integral part of our life, it is the reaction of our body to its internal and external states. Therefore, it is natural that sooner or later, everyone should be faced with negative emotions, but not everyone knows how to deal with them safely. Let’s find out how to cope with negative emotions without hurting anybody!

Why is this happening?

We are not used to listening to ourselves and our feelings, we do not have such a skill. Education and social norms of behavior make their contribution, limiting the freedom to fully and openly express our emotions.

It is easier to be positive and express joy, admiration, gratitude, pride or peace. All of this gives you pleasure. However, these emotions may not be appropriate in a given situation, provoke discontent, envy, or disgust from other people.

With negative feelings, it is more difficult. Anger, irritation, shame, fear, and resentment can spoil our relations with others. We are afraid to seem “bad” or ill-mannered and to be abandoned.

Therefore, we learn to “be dignified”, “pull ourselves together” and pacify anger, thus suppressing and forcing our emotions and feelings into the unconscious without living through them. As a result, they begin to corrode us from the inside, depriving us of strength and resources and undermining our health, both psychological and physical.

So why hold back your emotions?

Why not just get rid of them? Because these “explosions” primarily affect you and can undermine your health. Secondly, they can destroy your relationship overnight or lead you into a very unpleasant situation. Once you are accidentally hit with a shoulder or hurt by a word, you flare up like a match and cause trouble.

So how do you dispose of your negative emotions in order to help yourself and not harm others?

  • beat a pillow or a punching bag;
  • shout in the forest;
  • cry in the shower;
  • write on paper the entire stream of consciousness and experiences, then tear or burn the written sheets;
  • tear old newspapers or old clothes to pieces, smash an unnecessary plate on the floor;
  • jump in place, stomp your feet;
  • engage in active sports (fitness, swimming, running, etc.)
  • do breathing exercises;
  • clean the apartment, wash the floors;
  • sort out the wardrobe, throwing out every unnecessary thing;
  • go to karaoke with friends and sing from the bottom of your heart;
  • engage yourself in creativity (draw, sculpt in clay, etc.);
  • dance;
  • shoot at the shooting range;
  • watch an action movie
  • knead the dough, cook food;
  • go for a walk in the forest or in the park, walk at least 10 thousand steps.

These actions can help release negative emotions, but is there a way to keep them from accumulating? After all, in this case, there will be nothing to dispose of.

There is a way to do this. Have you noticed that not all people are “explosive”? Each person experiences their emotions in different ways, it depends on a whole complex of unconscious programs that determine our reactions and behavior patterns.

The fewer expectations we have about what and how others should do or not do, the fewer internal prohibitions and social fears we have, limiting beliefs and desires to control everything, the fewer reasons we will find for resentment and the accumulation of negative emotions.

In dealing with such tasks, trance-oriented methods of psychology are very effective.

Trance opens access to the “storerooms” of the unconscious. These meditations can help you to reconsider outdated programs and thought patterns, to relive unexperienced emotions, to get rid of accumulated stress, and to release the necessary resources.

Such meditations are called regressions because they allow you to work through the experience gained in the past, change the internal filters of perception and gain a new quality of your life. With the use of such a technique, the utilization of negative emotions becomes not just deliverance, but a real transformation. As a result, a person discovers new opportunities in himself and gains control over himself and his life.

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