The Perfect At-Home Salon for Your Clients

People in this present day can have an obsession with how they look. Many people are dissatisfied with their current hair color, unpainted nails, or even skin issues that keep popping up.

A Popular Profession

Salons were created with the purpose of meeting these needs and gaining a profit in the process. Cosmetologists have made quite a living, as the profession is growing to be a widespread demand across the globe. Even in the midst of a pandemic, more at-home salons are growing in popularity.

Perhaps you too are looking at this growing industry and asking yourself, “What if I set up a salon here at home?” What would you do to make it attractive for your customers? How would they be attracted to the trendy, yet trustworthy approaches you would take as a salon owner?

Address All the Issues

There are many examples of a “perfect salon,” but the best ones would need to have the right products necessary for addressing hair, nail, and skincare issues of all types. So let’s start with the beginning steps towards your salon business.

Consider the Set-Up of the Salon

The setup of the room needs to be as open and inviting as it can. The room needs to be set apart from the other rooms in your house and needs to draw the client in. It must be inviting, with mirrors for reflection and decorations that make the client feel at home in your home.
Sliding door hardware can give the customer an extra level of privacy which is a plus to have around the salon. There should also be an area for storing unused inventory products, such as conditioners, shampoos, etc. The chair in which the client sits should not be too expensive to invest in. However, in order for it to be comfortable for the client, it must first be comfortable for you.

Check the Regulations and Get the Permits

If you start without a business plan or don’t have the permits and regulations to open up a salon, reconsider. You need to have all the right things in place before you open the doors of your salon. It would be preferable to start one up and gain the recognition needed in order to legally abide as a salon owner.

GeniusBeauty offers quite a few recommendations on how to get started on this plan. Of course, you may already have this all in place and therefore can move on to the next step which is finding the products needed in your salon.

Use the Best Products

Washing and drying hair can be an exciting process in itself. The trick is to find the right shampoo that doesn’t flake or cause issues for the customer. The Malin + Goetz Moisturizing Shampoo is one that is recommended by many hair salon owners, as it is not completely organic or chemical. When you put it on, there seems to be a balance of both. This was created in order to address different hair types, whether dry or wet.

You Can Do Nails Too

Nail products such as files, forms, and cuticle exfoliators, are perfect to have around with nail issues. And are capable of cleaning the nails, and taking away bacterial issues that a client may have. It’s important to also have a variety of nail colors that clients can choose. The trick is to be prepared for any variety of colors one might choose. Therefore wearing different colors around your salon is considered trendy and unique.


Skincare is also a priority that is hard to address at times. With the common growth of acne, along with facial skin issues, there are solutions that can pave the way for success in your salon. Rodan & Fields has been known as a reputable source for their skincare treatments. And through their products, focused on facial cleaning and moisturizing all around the sensitive skin, there have been testimonies of people having issues completely cured in no time. This would be a perfect addition to your salon, investing in moisturizing creams and hydrating cleansers as the perfect solutions to a person’s skin problems.

Let Your Fame Grow

The final step for your business is to market it one day at a time. Let the word spread by starting out small at first. Create a website and spread the word. Word will get out and you will start to grow. That truly is the most important factor in seeing how your at-home salon will thrive in the future.

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