How to Make Sweat Stains on Clothes Invisible?

Sweating is normal and correct, and yet no one wants to walk with huge stains under the armpits, on the stomach and back, even in the hottest weather. Remember simple tips and remember that even if nothing helps, sweat stains are not a shame.

Choose natural materials

Thin cotton will not hide wet spots, but it will help with proper thermoregulation. Clothes made from natural materials can make you feel unbearably hot much slower than synthetic clothes. In addition to cotton, pay attention to ever-fashionable viscose and linen. Do not forget that these materials crumple quickly, so you should also consider this not to look sloppy.

Choose thick fabrics

They retain their shape better and will not show wet spots so quickly. But not everything is suitable. When choosing, for example, a jacket-shirt made of thick material, be sure to read the label: it is desirable that the composition should correspond to our first advice and be as natural as possible.

Don’t be afraid of oversize

And again, everything is simple: fitted silhouettes and “slim fit” clothes will demonstrate your problem areas much faster. On tight-fitting T-shirts, sweat stains will appear not only in the armpits but also on the stomach and back.

Pay attention to the colors

Wet stains will be much less noticeable in printed fabrics. For example, a fashionable Vichy cage or a small flower pattern will help here. If you need to opt for a monophonic thing, try light shades – white, pale pink, or light pastel colors.

Find a sleeveless top

Fashionable bando tops, halters, and the American armhole can also come to your help and save not only from the heat but also from sweat stains. If the dress code does not allow this, the sleeves can always be covered with a loose jacket.

Wear clothes of proper colors

Wear black or white items – even if you sweat, sweat stains will not be so noticeable then.

You can also put on a thin T-shirt under the shirt if the weather permits. Sweat will be absorbed in the T-shirt and will not be so visible on the shirt.

By the way, in hot weather, you can use other small tricks to avoid minor embarrassment. Look for essential accessories below.

This is genius! Sweat pads

Special inserts are securely attached to clothing to absorb moisture and neutralize the smell of sweat. They are fixed due to the adhesive layer, which leaves no residue on the fabric. One insert is enough for 1-2 days of protection against sweat and smell, depending on the intensity of perspiration. You can choose from 22 to 40 inserts in the set.

Sweat pads should not be glued to very thin or translucent fabrics, otherwise, they will become noticeable. But they are quite a good option for loose and fairly dense fabrics.


This is a special type of underwear, similar to lace stocking bands, but without the stockings themselves. In the heat, the inner thigh surface will be saved from strong friction and sweating. Piquantly peeking from under a short skirt, these elastic bands look very playful and can be made a part of your image.

Breathable body underwear

This is underwear that hides excess weight and emphasizes the advantages of your figure. It includes the push-up effect, is made from a breathable material, and shapes the waist due to a special cut.