How to Correct Your Figure by Means of Clothes?

Enlarge the hips and shape the waist: how to modify the figure with clothing? Below you will find fashionable life hacks that will help you pay attention to your advantages.

Vertical lines

If you want to visually become a little taller or slimmer, create as many vertical lines as possible.

Here’s what helps:

  • Unbuttoned blazer, vest or cardigan.
  • Narrow neckline.
  • Decorative seams.
  • Pleating.
  • Arrows on trousers.
  • Scarf.
  • The right prints

Do not forget that you can visually change your figure with the help of colors and prints of clothes. Avoid white items, which, according to many, are not worth trying, but it is a must to find your perfect colors. Prints can also help you (or interfere).

If you want to reduce your waistline, choose a graphic print that tapers the contours of your waist.

Divergent strips running to the chest will enlarge it.

Remember about proportionality: “big-bodied” girls should not choose a print with very small flowers or dots and are advised against wearing mini-bags. On the contrary, those who are “thumb-sized” should not select large accessories and must avoid large prints.

Contrasts and monochrome clothing

For the first two points to work, contrasts are needed. Vertical lines will look spectacular, if you put on a black jacket over a light T-shirt. At the same time, you should not be afraid of monochrome items: light total looks can refresh the image, and dark ones can stretch the silhouette (the main thing is to choose its components correctly for your own figure).

Thick fabrics

If you want to hide the flaws of the figure, you should not choose clothes from thin stretching fabrics: they will only be fitting and revealing. Dense materials hold shape much better and look more expensive.


Emphasize the waist with a belt – firstly, it will make the silhouette more contoured and feminine. Secondly, this is a trend. Belts look irrelevant on the things without volume, so add this accessory to oversized clothes.

A thin necklace or pendant will draw attention to the neck (you can visually stretch it with an elongated chain).

Massive bracelets and rings visually add volume to the hips (wrists are just at this level), and long earrings stretch the neck.

A scarf as long as below the waist will visually add height and harmony.

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