Edible Wedding Dresses

Edible fashion has recently become two new glorious items richer as a young Colombian chef unveiled two entirely edible wedding gowns at the Colombiatex fashion show.

Edible Bridal Dress

A while ago chef Juan Manuel Barrieto took no interest in fashion, and may have been completely unaware of the term edible fashion until somebody brought up this subject in a conversation. Barrieto looked into the matter, got a creative spark struck out of him and eventually came up with two wedding gowns that were as charming as they were edible.

Edible Wedding Gowns

Considering that wedding dresses are supposed to delight the eye, they can as well delight the palate without detracting anything from their visual resplendence, decided Juan Manuel Barrieto. He made wedding a sweeter occasion by using sugar-glazed rose petals. His gowns are knocked up from 2,000 such petals and champagne clothe. Now a seasoned and educated fashion designer, Barrieto didn’t forget accessories that include rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces (all candy). A bouquet prepared from special flowers makes a dessert of its own.

Edible Bridal Dress

The wedding design genius showcased his attire at the famous Colombian professional textile fair in the town of Medellin at the end of January.

Eduble wedding dress

Edible Bridal Dress

Source of the image: Trendhunter.

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