Weight Loss Bacteria Created

A break-through in dietetics: the specialists from the University of Cork and Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority have created an unusual product for weight loss – the yoghurt enriched with special bacteria. In the process of their vital functions, these microorganisms produce some molecule which is able to reduce the amount of hypodermic and adipose cellular tissue in the body.

Slim woman

According to Dr. Catherine Stanton, head of the research, fat does not seem to be an inert layer girding human body. It is very active and able to cause inflammation, being a risk factor for a number of diseases, including cancer. And her colleagues’ work at a new bacterium has shown that the principle of influencing the adipose tissue through the gastro-enteric tract is quite effective.

The new bacterium is the synthesis of the Lactobacillus bacterium used for food digestion and another one – Propionibacterium acnes – which synthesizes polyunsaturated fatty acids t10, c12 and the conjugated linoleic acid.

The experiments on mice were successful. One more advantage of the new bacterium is its ability to resist rectum cancer. It is interesting when the products containing these bacteria will go on sale.

Source of the image: Photl.

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