A Smart Trick to Eat Less

According to the Dutch researchers, the flavor of the dish and the texture of the product affect how much a person can eat.

Woman, foods

If you have to chew food for a long time because of its structure, you will surely bite less and eat less. In addition, you will feel satiated more quickly, if the dish has a special flavor.

The Dutch scientists, whose findings were published in the Flavour journal, believe that scents can be used as a means to control helpings. They conducted a little experiment, where the participants had to eat the same desserts, but with different flavors. Those volunteers, whose cake was fragrant, ate less.

The Dutch believe that the bright flavor of the product can reduce its consumption by 5-10%. This is because we eat more, if we do not feel the smell of the food, and then it just seems to us that we have not had enough of the dish.

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