Love Me Lyrics – Stooshe feat. Travie Mccoy

Love Me is the title of the song performed by British hip-hop girl band Stooshe. The explicit version of the song is known as F-ck Me. It features Travie McCoy, an American rapper. The single was released on 4 March, 2012, in the UK. This is the lead single from Stooshe’s debut studio album, titled Sticks & Roundabouts. Love Me debuted position five on the UK Singles and appeared at position seven on the Scottish Singles chart. Watch the Love Me music video and view the lyrics below. Enjoy and comment!

Stooshe feat. Travie Mccoy – Love Me Music Video

Stooshe feat. Travie Mccoy – Love Me Song Words


Well, yeah yeah yeah yeah
Whatever man, everyone does that ad lib, ha
Now girls, what are we gonna call these guys who don’t like it?

[Verse 1]

You can adore me on Sunday
As Sunday’s my only day off
And ya know that i dont wanna hang with no stranger, no
After I’m done i want gone…
But I have to say….

All ya chocolate got me melting baby
Got me melting oh my days
Let me give you double helpings
You’ll be screaming baby, baby, baby, baby, uh uh


Oh Oh Oh
Turn it up and I’ll go, coz I won’t need ya no more – no
Your play’s fine but I aint got the time, why don’t you
Hurry up yeah, hurry up yeah, hurry up…… love me, ha ha ha ha ha

[Verse 2]

You better call ya friend jonny
You wanna hope he’s in town
Coz ya know that when he blow i don’t want no danger without him it ain’t going down
But I have to say….

Milkybar kid got me melting sugar
With that geek chic all the way..
Do your thing and don’t be speaking
Not unless it’s dirty dirty dirty filthy dirty uh uh

[Chorus 2: Travie McCoy]

Listen, I don’t know what you take me as
But it’s obvious your girlfriend’s got you gassed
I spend most my life chasing
Now I’m tired, so we gon’ have to make this fast
Second thought I’ll hit the E break
Let me set the D5 up, we gon’ make a freaky tape
Kiss me soft right here, I’m a freak but hey
… Me off swear to god I’m gon’ leak the tape
Matter of fact I’d rather….than deal with another basket case
What a waste of a fat booty, I used to beg but why bother when they hand it to me


Listen mate
i don’t mean to brag, i’m telling ya i’ma be the best you had so let’s roll
Don’t be taking ya time
Get it up
Pack it in
Blow ya mind….yeh and the rest i..
I’m joking you know I don’t do…explicit…
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[Chorus 3]



Where’s the music gone?
Love me…why don’t you Love me.
Yeh..that’s sick
Oh my days.
Er… Hello, what about the man in the boat?…
Hey diddle diddle my cat needs a fiddle…ha ha ha

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