Healthy Breakfast

Healthy BreakfastNutritionists state that breakfast in a hurry is not just unhealthy, it is even harmful. According to the widespread belief, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should include certain foods. Which ones? Here’s one example. It could be fresh fruits or dark chocolate, as fruits are rich in antioxidants and dark chocolate has a large amount of flavones which prevent various cardiovascular diseases. Below you will find more ideas of making your breakfast healthy.

Healthy Breakfast 1. Cantaloupe

It is not forbidden to have for breakfast a slice of cantaloupe with homemade non-fat cheese and a bit of cinnamon with berries. The melon and berries have antioxidants and a piece of fat-free cheese is a substitute for a daily norm of dairy products required for the body.

Healthy Breakfast 2. Yoghurt

A healthy breakfast could consist of non-fat yogurt with fruits and nuts or fruit drinks with a piece of tofu, a glass of grapefruit or pomegranate juice.

Healthy Breakfast 3. Soup

A homemade soup for breakfast is also welcomed. However, this is the case only when it has vegetables in it, even if they were bought frozen.

Healthy Breakfast 4. White Chicken Meat

A piece of tofu and white chicken meat are ideal for breakfast. Together these ingredients are not just tastier, but are also very healthy as the body gets proteins from them.

Healthy Breakfast 5. Salad

Fresh vegetable salads or just raw vegetables for breakfast are also good. Fresh vegetables are low in calories and are rich in antioxidants and cellulose. As known, cellulose facilitates the dropdown of cholesterol in the body. A wonderful alternative for them are various nuts. They are also rich on cellulose and healthy proteins.

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