Sex Instead of Anti-Wrinkle Cream

It is not a secret that regular and adequate sex is one of the best ways to strengthen immunity. The benefits from sex are so multi-sided that scientists have systematized the data and developed a wide list of good reasons to have sex. You can extend the list with your own comments.

Woman Using a Facial Mineral Mask

Use Sex to Lose Weigh

Sex helps you lose weight; when you are having sex every muscle in your body works and thus burns calories.

Sex and Self-confidence

Intimacy enhances self-confidence; it is even recommended as “legal” doping for female athletes used before competitions.

Sex Treat Wrinkles

Bed caressing is the best anti-wrinkle treatment since skin becomes more elastic due to oestrogen and other hormones.

Sex and Immunity

Sex strengthens immunity thus it is considered as one of the best preventive measurements against various diseases. There is a belief that sex reduces the probability of developing cancer.

Sex as Stress Reliever

Bed games are great for fighting stress due to the hormone oxytocin which brings a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Sex Treats Depression

Sex is an effective antidepressant, which helps you forget about all your troubles and worries.

Sex as Pain Reliever

Sex is also a great pain killer. Endorphins, which are produced when making love, help relieve any pain.

Sex Treats Impotence

Recently some study results were published which showed that sexually active males are about two times less likely to become impotents.

Sex Prolongs Life

And finally, it has been proven that sex prolongs life. Sexually active people suffer from heart attacks by far less often.

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