When Sport Is Unhealthy

Female BodybuilderIt turns out that those who practice heavy exercise loads daily have a shorter lifespan. It happens because during exercising they inhale a large amount of oxygen; as a result, early aging of their cells is taking place. The fact, that intensive exercising speed up the aging of a human body, was identified by the doctors of Valencia municipal hospital.

They disclosed to public the results of their research, in which their calculations and estimates certify a big difference of effects of moderate, regular, frequent and intensive physical loads.

In the reports it is stated that high class athletes have a lot of health problems, which could lead to physical impairment and often debar those athletes from competitions. It takes place because during intensive physical loads people have to breathe in a lot of oxygen. The given oxygenation process, in fact, is the cell aging process. In excess it provokes the “oxidant stress” and leads to many illnesses, including cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

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