Cute Wombats

Last week three wombat pups were born at the Australian Wildlife Centre, Healesville, Melbourne. One of the pups received the name Paw Paw because one of his paws was white. When I saw the picture of this cute wombat pup, I decided to tell you a bit about these wonderful animals resembling pigs and rodents at the same time.

Wombat Paw Paw

Wombats are marsupials, about 39 inches in length living in Australia.

Wombat Walking

They are herbivores, it means, they eat only grasses, roots, herbs etc.

Sleeping Wombat

After the pup is born it develops in the mother’s pouch 6-7 months.

Wombat Pup Sleeping

Tiny Wombat

They seem to be very friendly 🙂

Smiling Wombat

Another Smiling Wombat

Wombats can dig whole burrow systems with their front teeth and long claws.

Womab Near His Burrow

Wombat Portrait

They are quite slow animals, but when they are threatened they can develop a speed of up to 25 mph.

Shy Wombat

Wombat in Winter

Wombats are so cute!

Wombat Pup Eating

Wombat and Zookeepers

I’ve never been to Australia and I’ve never seen wombats, but I just love these animals!

And here’s a video about other wombats showing how nice they are.

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