Dieting in Winter Leads to Common Cold and Flu

Woman in WinterDo you count calories to keep your figure slim? Are you famishing just to lose that spare tyre? Those who decided to lose weight before Christmas should know the following – the less calories you get into your body the more difficult it is to fight against viruses and infections.

The research of Michigan State University has shown that the mice put on a low-calorie diet have higher risk of death within the first days after their infection with cold causing bacteria. Even with enough levels of vitamins and minerals, 40% decrease in caloric intake may lead to serious illness, but not desired slenderness.

The lack of vitamins and physical activity in winter period results in weaker immune system, making our body more prone to viral infections. Our body fights infection, especially on early stages, with the help of antibodies that kill viruses. But without necessary antibodies our body is not able to resist illnesses. With restricted caloric intake the body recovers longer and becomes increasingly vulnerable to colds and flu. In winter we need a reserve of essential nutrients, and dieting weakens immune system and impedes recovering processes. So, forget about strict diets in cold season.

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