How to Apply Foundation

Perfect FoundationThere’re so many types of foundation, or “base”, with so many colors: cream powder, cream sticks, tone mousse. It’s getting really difficult for a modern woman to understand, what kind of foundation to use to have a perfect face tone and an even skin texture. Yesterday we busted some myths about foundation. Today here are the rules how to apply various types of foundation.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid tone cream provides the lightest effect. It’s recommended to apply it using fingers. Do it in the following way: at first put some cream on your palm, then lightly puff the cream over the face skin with your fingertips. To finish up, push the cream into the skin using a fine-pored sponge. The sponge will pick up the excess foundation and spread it even more evenly. For the lightest, semitransparent effect, apply the cream onto a dump, fine-pored sponge. Then apply the base by tapping the sponge on the skin.

Squeeze the sponge when putting the cream onto it, once the sponge is back to its normal form, the cream will be evenly spread.

Thick Cream Foundation

Thick tone cream is used for denser coating. This type of cream usually contains various oils, so the cream fits dry skin perfectly, especially in winter. It’s recommended to apply it using fingers.

Foundation Mousse

Foundation mousse provides the same semitransparent effect as the liquid foundation applied with a sponge. This foundation type can be applied using either a sponge or fingers.

Tone Cream-Stick

Tone cream-stick contains a lot of oil and color pigments. It fits uneven skin with apparent imperfections, but is visible on wrinkled skin. It is best to apply this type of base by tapping your fingertips on the skin, avoiding the eye area. Finish up with some face powder.

Cream Powder

Cream powder combines properties of both tone and powder. The product has good masking abilities, but you should avoid using it on wrinkled skin, as the cream has a tendency to enhance visibility of the wrinkles. There are two application techniques for the cream powder: with a dump sponge for light coating and with a dry sponge for thicker coating.

Womans’ body absorbs about 5 pounds of makeup chemicals a year. As 9 of 10 women use expired makeup, these chemicals are harmful – some of them can even cause cancer.

Always check for expiration date of the product you use to avoid skin damage. If the cream has delaminated or changed its scent, it is best not to use it. Besides, do not forget to wash the sponges regularly, preferably with the gel you use to cleanse your face.

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