When Is Gum Bad for Your Health?

Chewing GumThe chewing gum has become so useful these days. People chew it, when they want their breath to be fresh, when they’re nervous, after meals, even when they’re hungry. It stimulates digestion after the food intake, it has so many different pleasant tastes: fruits, cola and mint. Many of us like chewing the gum. But it can be bad for your health in some situations. When?

When You Chew Gum on an Empty Stomach

In fact, chewing gum facilitates abundant gastric juice excretion. Hence, if you often chew gum on an empty stomach – you risk to develop gastritis.

When You Chew Gum with Sugar

Any not sugar-free chewing gum (most of the ones out there in the market do, in fact, have sugar in them) facilitates development of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

When You Chew Gum of Toothpaste Often

The gum cleans teeth only on the surface, if you entrust it (not a brush and toothpaste) with your mouth cleanness, you will not be able to put the next visit to the dentist aside for long.

When You Chew Gum too Often

In this case, the gum can bring about temporomandibular joint inflammation.

When You Chew Gum Too Long

Well-developed jaw muscles create a wide-looking smile. It is unlikely that many women wish to have a smile like that.

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