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Brazilian hair removal became popular in 90’s. As years passed more and more women became fans of Brazilian waxing for various reasons. Some were doing it for themselves, others to please their men.

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History of Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Why “Brazilian”? The story started in New York in 1987, when seven Brazilian sisters – Jocely, Jonice, Janea, Joyce, Juracy, Jussara and Judseia opened a salon in Manhattan, which was called J Sisters International. They revealed to the world that in Brazil, the land where ladies wear slim swimsuits made with basically a single piece of material, waxing is done this way (which is very sexy too by the way).

“In Brazil, waxing is part of our culture because bikinis are so small,” explains one of the sisters, Jonice.

What celebrities choose Brazilian Hair Removal Method?

Introduction of Brazilian waxing changed the way we imagine how bikini should look like. Celebrities contributed quite a bit as well. Numerous pictures featuring various celebrities with their words of praise appeared on the walls of the salon; for instance, Gwyneth Paltrow said that her life was changed once she visited the salon, Kirstie Alley claims that she feels like a “baby” down there now. Paula Yates, widow of Michael Hutchence (from INXS), generally flied every month from London to New York just to have the procedure done at the famous salon.

How is Brazilian Bikini Waxing Different from Regular Hair Removal?

You might be wondering about the key differences between Brazilian bikini waxing and regular bikini waxing. The major difference is that Brazilian waxing removes hair everywhere, even between buttocks. Surely, you can leave some hair in the center (this is the original Brazilian style), yet most of the time women prefer complete hair removal (so-called Sphinx style). The procedure usually takes from 15 to 30 minutes.

How is Brazilian Bikini Waxing Done in a Salon?

Brazilian waxing starts off from the front and moves to the back. Sometimes the client needs to change her body position, some poses may be quite strange, in order to help the beautician remove all of the unwanted hair.

Make sure to discuss with the specialist if you want some “vegetation” left before the procedure starts. Some women ask to dye the left hair.

You will be taken to a separate room and will be given some time alone in order to undress and lie down on the table. You can take a bed sheet with you just in case they don’t offer them at the salon. If things are really “bad” down there, they may have to shave the hair off slightly, since the required length for the procedure is at most 1cm. The more experienced the specialist is, the quicker the procedure is. You probably know how the wax is applied. Most women either have experienced it already or have seen it in movies. However, we will explain for those who don’t know much about it. The beautician applies hot wax to the skin. A strip of cloth is then placed on top of the applied wax. Once the wax cools down, the strip is removed with one quick movement. Don’t forget to breath when it is being done.

If some hair remains after the first try, the specialist may have to use tweezers to remove the remaining hair.

Some lotion is applied to the skin at the end of the procedure. Make sure to ask what you should do if redness appears, or if some in-grown hairs appear, or if some other issues come up. Qualified specialist should be able to give you some advices for such cases.

What Type of Wax Is Used for Brazilian Waxing?

You have a choice on how the wax is used. Some beauticians use special wax strips which are placed on the wax and removed with it (along with the hair), others use “hot” wax, which is thicker and obviously hotter. Wax is removed with hands in the second method, but this procedure is much less painful since hot wax opens up skin pores and makes it easier to remove the hairs. The second method is considered to be less traumatic for the skin and less painful.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Some women want to permanently remove the hair after experiencing wax hair removal. Perhaps the word “wax” itself brings panic to you in general, or you are irritated by the hair which keeps on growing. If so, then you should consider having Brazilian laser hair removal. This procedure is more expensive, but the cost of having Brazilian waxing done every 4-6 weeks will eventually add up to similar sum.

Laser hair removal offers stronger results. The procedure involves a laser, which targets hair and the roots of the hair, such that the hair stops growing afterwards.

The procedure has to be repeated a couple of times in order to reach permanent results. Nevertheless, you should initially consider your needs and financial situation before booking an appointment for it. Laser hair removal is less painful and has fewer side effects. The choice is up to you.

Some Useful Tips for Those Who Decide to Go for Brazilian Bikini Waxing

  • Any kind of waxing is a painful procedure. However, if you have it done on regular basis, the pain will eventually decrease. If you wish, you can take some over-the-counter pain killers an hour before the procedure.
  • Do not be shy. You are not afraid of your gynecologist, so there is no need to be afraid of a waxing specialist either. Chances are, that person has seen it before and you are just another client among many others.
  • Brazilian hair removal will last up to 3 weeks after the first treatment, then you should have another procedure. Eventually, you will need to have it done once every two months.
  • The hair should be of certain length.
  • Be prepared for some side effects.
  • Relax. Don’t forget to breathe. Remember, fear is your main enemy.
  • It is better not to carry this procedure out at home.

So, ladies, swimsuit season is coming soon and this is probably the right time to start thinking about “fixing” your bikini zone. Maybe your man has been insisting on you having it done for quite a while now. Make him and yourself happy. Discover new boundaries of your sexuality.

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