Brazilian Wax vs Sugaring: What Are the Differences?

More than 80% of women perform some sort of treatment or grooming on their pubic hair. No doubt, many of them have tried a range of different methods.

But, what exactly are they and do you know the newest treatments?

One development is sugaring, which is similar to Brazilian wax but uses different ingredients. Below, we give our lowdown on the Brazilian wax vs sugaring debate.

What Is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is a very specific type of hair removal technique. It is named as such because it was popular with bikini-wearing women from Brazil, who would wax around the bikini line so that pubic hair was not visible. This then became popular around the world.

The method uses wax, which can be hot or cold. It is laid on and around the genital area where hair growth is. A strip is placed on top of the wax and then torn off, taking the hair and follicles along with it.

Brazilian Wax Guide

With waxing, it is best to wait until the hair is around a quarter of an inch long before getting treatment. This ensures it is removed fully, taking the follicle with it. If your specialist is using hot wax, you may also feel some discomfort if it is overly hot when applied.

What Is Sugaring?

Sugaring is similar, but instead of using wax, it employs a natural sugar paste of lemon, sugar, water, and honey. Similar to waxing, it then has a strip placed on which gets pulled off, removing the hair.

Sugaring Guide

Many people prefer sugaring as it is less painful. The strips tend to pull at the skin less, so you don’t get the same level of pain. Removal is also done in the direction air grows, as opposed to the opposite direction employed in waxing techniques.

Another advantage is that it adheres better to much shorter hairs. They should be around 1/16th of an inch long to be most effective. This means you have less wait time between appointments and hair growth.

Another advantage is that you don’t get the burns that you may do when applying hot wax. This guide at can give you even more advice on the advantages.

Other Hair Removal Methods

There are other methods of hair removal available. Many people choose to shave, but this can leave a small layer of stubble which grows back quickly. Hair removal creams are also available but can be extremely abrasive on the skin due to their chemical makeup.

More expensive and long-term methods are possible. You may consider having the hair removed with lasers or through electrolysis.

Brazilian Wax vs Sugaring

In the Brazilian wax vs sugaring debate, deciding which is for you comes down to personal preference. You may prefer the efficiency of wax but want a no-pain method like sugaring. In either case, trying both is advised.

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