Vinegar Helps Lose Weight

A lot of people have tried various pills, teas, and herbs to lose weight, however it turns out that we have a reliable weight loss product right in our kitchen. Scientists from the Central Research Institute, Japan, suggest we lose weight with  vinegar.

Spoon with Vinegar

They decided to test the effect of vinegar on laboratory mice by adding 0.3% or 1.5% vinegar solution to their daily meals. For six weeks the mice were receiving calorie-rich meals; half of them were also getting vinegar solution. The results of the six-week experiment showed that the “vinegar” group showed weighted 10% less than the control group.

According to the scientists, vinegar acid activates several genes for fatty acid oxidation enzymes. The scientists plan to continue the research through other experiments and eventually design a weight loss product using vinegar as the main ingredient. However, they warn people who are trying to lose weight not to use vinegar for self-designed diets.

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