Top 6 Dieting Mistakes Women Make

Woman on ScalesIt seems to me, there’s no woman among friends of mine who have never tried to lose weight by dieting. I myself heard the word “diet” already in my childhood. I remember my mom eating only boiled meat or only drinking kefir during the whole day to become slimmer. She read about such diets somewhere in a newspaper or they were recommended by her friends. But did my mom do this the right way? And do you do it correctly? Here are top 6 mistakes women make while dieting. I hope, you can correct them.

Dieting Mistake 1. Dieting without Doctor’s Consultation

Never start a new diet without an expert’s consultation. Every organism is unique and has its own peculiarities, this is why the diet which made your friend slim is not necessarily going to make you lose a lot of excess weight, too. When choosing a diet, take into consideration the peculiarities of your health and environment: weight, age, profession and so on. The causes of your excess weight may be different as well. Some people gain weight only because of a wrong diet, while some may be ill, which makes them obese.

Dieting Mistake 2. Eating Only Unvaried Food

There’re a lot of myths about how nice it makes one lose weight, if they eat only buckwheat, for example. Any diet containing unvaried food is very dangerous, as it makes your body receive only a certain set of vitamins and minerals, while it still needs other ones, too. Extremely dangerous are those diets excluding animal proteins, that is, meat. If you have decided to become vegetarian, start eating vegetable food very carefully. Make sure, that your body receives enough iron. Dairy products are of vital importance, as they provide your body with calcium. Imagine, what can be said about starvation diet. Remember, that lack of food can do a lot of harm to your body.

Dieting Mistake 3. Trying to Lose Weight Only by Dieting

This is a big mistake to believe, that it’s possible to lose weight, if you only diet. Well, you can probably lose some kilograms, but you will gain them back, as soon as you stop your diet. A thin body can be achieved only by combining dieting with physical exercises, as well as changing your way of life. It’s not so important, what you eat and how much of it you eat. Pay more attention to how much you move. So, you need both a healthy diet and a healthy living.

Dieting Mistake 4. Combining Dieting with Stresses

Avoid stresses. There’re lots of people, who may lose their temper and start eating everything they see exactly in stress situations. If you notice such behavior of yours, it’s a problem for dieting. Don’t start dieting, if you’re not sure you will be able to complete what you’ve started.

Dieting Mistake 5. Losing Too Much Weight Too Quickly

Don’t strive for losing as much kilograms as possible as soon as possible. One could lose flesh during the first month due to the lack of excess water in the body. But loosing more than 3 kilograms in one month can be dangerous for your health. If it happens, your body loses non-fatty tissues as well as fatty ones, which is inadmissible.

Dieting Mistake 6. Combining Various Diets

Don’t try to combine different diets. One weightloss method can contradict another one. And combining such diets may be harmful to your health.

Remember, that after dieting for some period of time and achieving a slim body you were striving for it’s possible to gain all your kilograms back, if you stop healthy dieting and exercising. So, take some time for regular physical exercises and take care of what you eat over the period of your entire life.

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