Tila Tequila’s Baby Year, She Wants Her Own and Adopted Too

The reality TV girl and singer is planning to be a grand-scale mother, meaning to have two biological children and three adopted ones. At least her Tweeter messages were bursting with the baby subject last week. According to them, Tila Tequila is going to mother two children from Haiti in the nearest future.

Tila Tequila

“I’m going to try to do that ASAP! Those poor babies! Mommy is coming to rescue u my Angels!” she exclaims, adding that she loves to love and would like becoming a president.

Presidency aside, her plans seem to be coming to fruition with two homeless Haitian little darlings and a baby that she says she is carrying in her womb right now. Supposedly by rapper The Game who is nevertheless vehement in his denial.

Is Tila Tequila the one to let his denial pass unchallenged? Not on her life. Discussing the matter with RadarOnline, she is confident that a paternity test will push The Game’s back to the wall at once.

“Game,” she exclaims, “I don’t need to bicker and fight with you love, when I know a lot of shady things about you, that I can sell you out on but I’m not… Just wait nine months for my paternity test.”

So, everybody interested be informed, in nine months the truth will come out, liars will be unmasked, and Tila will prove her presidential abilities once again, won’t she?

Source of the image: Poptower.com.