Philips LivingColors v2 is Twice Better

Philips’s multicolored LED lighting gadgets are getting more attractive one by one. The second version of the LivingColors leaves its younger brother far down the road. Its seven LEDs emit twice the light intensity compared to the original, and its 16 million colors offer unlimited possibilities of the choice of the exact shade of color you think will match your room or your mood.

Philips LivingColors v2: Multicolored LED Lighting - Orange

The new Philips device allows – beside the familiar function of the transparent look – an extra opaque mode that focuses the light wherever you direct it.

Philips LivingColors v2: Green and Blue LED lighting gadgets

Philips’s cute fixtures retail within the range of $230 – $350, and they are certain to keep turning out newer versions of those fetching devices – hopefully even for less money, since we may want to get more than just one of them!

Philips LivingColors v2, Multicolored LED Lighting - Blue

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