Penélope Cruz against Wearing Fur

Penelope Cruz became another celebrity, who was pictured naked (albeit partially) for the PETA campaign. Gazing from a black and white poster, the actress calls to abandon fur. The fans of furs surely would like to invite her to Siberia or Alaska!

The representatives of the organization that fights for animal rights have noted that Pe is annually included into all the lists of the most stylishly dressed stars, though she never ever wears a sheepskin or a fur coat. They say it is hard to imagine a more modern and glamorous woman, who kills with a single glance. And yet no one has to die in the name of her beauty!

Well, her look at the picture is truly irresistible. Apparently, it was this look that allowed the actress to appear in the rating of “the most desirable” women according to the AskMen portal, whose questionable results had been so vehemently discussed earlier.

And though the 49th place is not the best result for Cruz, it is probably pleasant to know that you have been ranked higher than such recognized beauties as Irina Sheik (67th), Adriana Lima (71th), Jennifer Lopez (93rd), and Megan Fox (96th).

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