Office Workers Spend Too Much Time on Sitting

An average office worker spends 7 hours sleeping and sits 5 hours and 41 minutes at the desk every day. No great difference, right? Therefore, the scientists believe that such a bad correlation can affect not only one’s physical, but also mental health.

The British scientists from Loughborough University have conducted a survey, which proved that everyday work of 70% of office workers does not correspond to the recommendations for physical activity. Meanwhile, 50 percent of them are only fifty years old, or even less than that. The survey shows that those, who spend so much time at their office table, have about the same lifestyle at home. They do not go anywhere, do not walk, do not meet with friends. And it is a disaster that threatens with global physical inactivity and challenges not only the body, but the soul as well. The majority of the respondents have admitted that they often experience stress and depression.

Dr. Myanna Duncan, the author of the study, says that people do not need a psychologist to get up and go somewhere. They just must do it by themselves. And after the improvement of physical health, emotional balance will come.

If only all the office workers spent these five hours on doing their job. Most of them spend much time in social networks, play computer games and… read the recommendations in online journals on how to deal with physical inactivity in the workplace and what handy tools they can use. Moreover, instead of going to the next office, they prefer to scribble Skype messages to their colleagues. So, the fears of scientists and doctors are quite reasonable.

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