Naomi Campbell Suffers from Bald Patches

That’s no surprise that Naomi Campbell is obsessed with hair extensions. Now she has the problems stemming from it – the supermodel developed bald patches! Naturally, as soon as her new pics showing horribly ruined hair surfaced, stuff rushed to look into the situation.

Naomi Campbel Suffers from Bald Patches

Shocked are also experts, like Kazumi Morton, hair stylist from Beverly Hills’ Neil George Salon, who says that she has never seen an effect so “hideous” throughout her working experience. Although Naomi has never been her client, Morton vouchsafed a professional comment on the situation.

In her opinion, Campbell’s hair may have been damaged because the extensions were fixed too close to the skin without taking into consideration that hairs are most delicate on the neck and around the hairline and these places had better go without extensions at all. Besides, care should have been taken to keep them well away from the skin, half an inch off minimum.

The British supermodel at 42 has a long history of playing around with her natural beauty, weaving, adding, thickening – and putting her scalp under unnecessary pressure which ended up in losing some of her locks.

Naomi Campbell Suffers from Hair Fall

Morton is sure that on many occasions the procedure was done incorrectly and without giving the hair enough time to rest (which ought to be done once in a three months’ time at least). All that could have accounted for the pitiful state Campbell’s hair is in now.

Can something be done to restore the former glory? Yes, says Juan Juan salons’ stylist Jennifer J. (Beverly Hills and Brentwood); once Campbell decides to cease with her heavy extensions and weaves she will give her hair the much-needed rest. Then chances are her patches can grow up again. On the other hand, if the scalp gets traumatized further, the patches may lose the ability to re-cover with hair forever. Cortisone therapy was Jennifer’s second idea to stimulate the healing process.

For the time being Campbell means to get better care of her hair turn to wig-wearing.

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