Megan Fox's Physical Flaws Laid Bare

Since new Megan Fox photos appeared in the Internet displaying for all to see her thumbs that are rather misshapen as compared to the World Thumb Standard, there are many who sighed over the sad fact that nothing is perfect! Did Megan let us all down that awful?

Megan Fox Thumb

Not very, is the professional opinion. Having your thumb in the form of a club, which is called brachydactyly, is a minor affliction that can be found in 1 out of every 1,000 people. Local hand surgeons know everything about it there is to know.

Dr. Steven Bendner, the leading hand surgery expert at Beth Israel Medical Center, explains that the case of the thumb that looks a bit flattened and therefore shorter, is often a peculiarity that comes down in the family. “The nail of the thumb in this condition is often very short and wide,” he adds. “It is usually hereditary, although it could also have been caused by frostbite, or it could have been an injury to the growth plate in childhood.” While one is young, the thumb often looks more or less ordinary, but with the passing of time its shortened condition begins to stand out more and more.

Sure enough, a thumb doesn’t count for much in the list of a woman’s beauty hallmarks, yet medicos have another opinion on the matter!

Dr. Richard Kim, director of congenital hand surgery at Hackensack Medical Center, warns us not to play down the importance of the thumb.

“You need it to be able to touch the other fingers and it is important for pinching,” he points out. “In Megan Fox’s case, it appears that only the last bone of the thumb is affected and that it does not involve the joint. For her, it looks like it’s just a cosmetic deficit.”

Furthermore, with some people clubbed thumbs mean that their toes are in the same condition as well… and that goes for Megan Fox too!

So much for the scientific side of the case; Fox shrugs it off, and the millions of her ardent admirers just couldn’t care less.

The Esquire magazine quotes Fox herself on that. “I know I’m seen as a sex object,” she said. “I’m just really confident sexually, and I think that sort of oozes out of my pores. It’s just there. It’s something I don’t have to turn on.”

Maybe this little imperfection, when not overplayed by the owner, will only add to her irresistible charms?

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