Surf the Web with the Golden Mouse

The moment you see a golden mouse, it conjures up an image of a Wall Street trader hawkishly scanning latest news and clicking golden clicks in search of a deal. But as you realize that this gadget, for all its shiny and investable appearances, is made as much of pure gold as a gold bar goes for about $30, you guess the customer here would be more style-oriented.

Golden Mouse
The Gold Bullion Mouse promises a more attractive option for your hoary pointing device. Its flashy appeal to attractiveness, no doubt, makes it a gadget for women. Small chance that it will make you feel like holding million dollars in your hands, but the gadget surely brings more glitziness into web surfing. It has a wireless connectivity and is equally supported by PC and Mac. The golden mouse does what every decent standard mouse is supposed to, pointing, dragging, and clicking, but those are still golden clicks. Aren’t they?

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