Male Birth Control Pills to Be Available Soon?

Contraceptives for men may become available in pharmacies in the near future. Such news was released by Chinese researchers. The scientists offer men to take monthly injections of synthetic hormone in order to prevent pregnancy. The hormone is called testosterone undecanoate; earlier it was used for the treatment of male infertility. Paradox? Absolutely not!


This hormone improves the quality of sperm when injected in small quantities, while in large dosage it inhibits sperm production. The scientists also added that the effectiveness of the drug depends on ethnicity, since, for instance, it has stronger effect on Asians than on Europeans.

Extensive study, which involved 1045 volunteers, lasted for two and a half years. Only 9 pregnancies were recorded. The scientists believe that this is a very high rate of effectiveness. Condoms, for example, have the same rate (99%).

So, why not using the new birth control method? However, some incidents occurred as well. Two participants lost their fertility, as they could not regain ability to produce sperm after the experiment was over. Thus, here is the problem with male contraception – there is a high probability of losing fertility, as the drug acts on the entire system of sperm production. Birth control pills for women, on the other hand, act only on one ovary and do no harm to the rest of the eggs.

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