Growth Hormone Injections Do Not Reduce Wrinkles

Some people call growth hormone injections “the elixir of youth”. Since recent, the medication can be bought on the Internet. However, experts point out that its rejuvenating power is a myth. The substance itself causes heart problems, diabetes, and even cancer.


Rumor has it that some leaders of Hollywood studios, as well as the stars of American films, resort to injections of human growth hormone in a desperate attempt to hold back the ruthless flow of time. Many western hospitals face with the great customers’ demand for these procedures.

A variety of bold theories are connected with the human growth hormone. It is believed to provide thick and shiny hair, tighten the skin, increase libido, and contribute to a stronger memory and a high level of energy. Others use it to fight against excess weight and increase the muscle mass. There are people who believe growth hormone injections will help them look 20 years younger.

However, all of this sounds too good to be true. Doctors warn that the so-called “Peter Pan’s drug” has a dark side. Even though such US stars as Sylvester Stallone and Nick Nolte proudly admit taking these hormone injections in order to rejuvenate themselves, they still have a large number of dangerous side effects, including muscle and joint pain, the increased risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer.

In some countries, human growth hormone belongs to class C drugs, whose use is illegal. Doctors can prescribe it, but in very specific circumstances and for specific diseases. In addition, science gives no evidence of any serious anti-aging power that the growth hormone injections may have.

An experiment with the elderly people, conducted a few decades ago, seemed to have proved this, but it was declared invalid later. All subsequent attempts to use the growth hormone as a means of rejuvenation during independent clinical studies have failed.

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