Sunburn Art Trend among Teens Dangerous

The new summer fashion for “sunburn art” skin has seriously concerned the experts. They stress that this trend increases the risk of skin cancer by two times.


Every summer, teens and adults go to the beach or pool to sunbathe and get a perfect, even tan. However, this summer, there has appeared a new fashion trend that has worried some experts in the treatment of skin cancer. The “sunburn art” trend spreads among teens; it involves an increasing number of young people.

The essence of this trend is to create different kinds of drawings on the body using sunscreen and the sun: these can be strips, letters, circles, etc. This is reminiscent of temporary tattoos and sometimes looks pretty funny, if to say nothing about how dangerous such a fashion is for young people’s health.

Famous American dermatologist Dr. Christopher Obeime of St.Vincent Health says that heavy sunburns not only increase the risk of skin cancer by 50%, but also accelerate people’s aging. The distribution of these photos and videos in social networks makes the trend more popular, and this cannot but cause concern.

Vice-president of the Skin Cancer Foundation, Dr. Deborah Sarnoff, called to eliminate the practice of “artistic sunburns”, the consequences of which can be very painful and even lethal. Dr. Sarnoff emphasizes that the adolescents, who have had five or more sunburns, increase their lifetime risk of developing melanoma (the most deadly skin cancer type) by 80%. The treatment of the consequences of such “sunburn art” is no different from the usual treatment.

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