5 Steps to Happiness

American scientists from the Mayo Clinic have conducted a study which helped them discover the secret of human happiness. Based on these data, the scientists wrote “A Guide to Happiness”, which allows each person to be happy with four simple steps.


What is required for a person to be truly happy? Forget about money, health, and success. According to a group of American scientists, you need a 10-week program consisting of four steps that will completely change your mind. This program uses a series of exercises that help the human brain raise the level of happiness.

According to the study authors, from 40% to 50% of happiness depends on the choices that people make and on daily prioritization. According to the authors, you can choose a priority that will be right and beautiful in your life. Happiness is a habit. Some of us are born with it, while others choose it consciously.

Previous studies have shown that our brains are programmed to focus on the negative experiences. The fact is that it helped our ancestors to survive and provided them with an evolutionary advantage in the face of danger.

These are the 4 steps on the path to higher levels of happiness:

Train your attention

This must be done right from the morning, when you wake up with gratitude, strive to be in harmony with nature, avoid other people’s judgement and show kindness.


When some things in our life happen not as we would like them to be, try to focus on what is right rather than on what is wrong.

The unity of mind and body

Among the activities that help to achieve this, you can name reading, sports, music, painting, prayer and meditation, yoga and breathing exercises.

Healthy habits

Healthy habits like exercise, outdoor activities, and helping others can simplify your life considerably.

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