Don’t Count Calories, Count Chemicals in Your Food

Many experts in the field of healthy nutrition and diet advise the people, who have decided to lose weight, to carefully count calories. However, Dr Sally Norton from the UK considers this advice is wrong and recommends paying attention to chemicals in food.


Today, we buy a large amount of processed foods that are full of chemicals. Many people are totally unaware of their composition and quantity. Although most of these chemicals are absolutely safe and are added to foods only in order to prevent them from spoiling quickly, some of them still can lead to gaining extra weight.

We often think that we buy healthy food if it says “low fat” or “does not contain sugar.” In reality, these foods can also be harmful because the replacement of sugar and natural fats involves additional chemicals. Some studies have shown that artificial sweeteners make us eat more often and gain more weight than when consuming regular sugar. In addition, the safety of some sweeteners has not been proven yet.

Dr. Norton recommends avoiding processed foods and canned goods that are subjected to enhanced chemical resistance to maintain a balanced diet. This is a major way to success in losing weight. The fewer chemicals people eat, and the more natural products they consume, the higher the probability of success in the fight against excess weight will be. Therefore, we should buy products made from natural ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.