Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart in the "Dance Again" Music Video

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull have released a new video for the song Dance Again, and Jennifer forced everyone to talk about her again.

Jennifer Lopez

Rather about their relationship with Casper Smart. The 24-year-old dancer and the diva’s current beloved was given a considerable role in the video. Together, they perform igniting dancing movements, unveil their chaste tenderness on screen and show how great their passion is.

Even the photographs made it clear that we could expect an intriguing spectacle, and this impression was only confirmed by the video!

J. Lo herself never gets tired of praising the video and advises everyone to listen to the lyrics. According to Jennifer, while listening to the song, one can see that it reflects what she has in her heart. There is a definite message that she wants to convey to everyone.

Well, it is easy to guess what the message is, since the refrain is the phrase “I want to dance and love”, which is difficult to misinterpret. Let us be glad for Jennifer, who is now able to do both things simultaneously.

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